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Heavy Water - Thermophysical Properties

Thermodynamic properties of heavy water (D2O) like density, melting temperature, boiling temperature, latent heat of fusion, latent heat of evaporation, critical temperature and more.

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Heavy water (deuterium oxide2H2OD2O) is a form of water that contains a larger than normal amount of the hydrogen isotope deuterium (= heavy hydrogen = 2H = D), rather than the common hydrogen-1 isotope (1H = H = protium) that makes up most of the hydrogen in normal water.

Thermodynamic properties of heavy water - D2O:

  • Boiling temperature (at 101.325 kPa):     101.40 oC = 214.52 °F
  • Bulk modulus elasticity(at 25°C):              2.10 x 109 Pa or N/m2
  • Critical density:                                         0.356 g/cm3 = 0.691 slug/ft3 = 3.457 lbm/gal(US)
  • Critical pressure:                                      213.88 atm = 220.98 bar = 21.671 MPa (MN/m2) = 3143 psi (=lbf/in2)
  • Critical temperature:                                 370.697 oC = 699.255 °F
  • Ionization constant, pKw (at 25°C):          14.951                       
  • Latent heat of evaporation(at 101.4°C):  41.521 KJ/mol = 2073.20 kJ/kg = 891.32 Btu(IT)/lb
  • Latent heat of fusion:                               6.132 kJ/mol = 306.2 kJ/kg = 131.64 Btu(IT)/lb
  • Maximum density (at 11.23 oC):               1105.9 kg/m = 2.1460 slug/ft3 = 10.74048 lbm/gal(US)   
  • Melting temperature (at 101.325 kPa):     3.81 oC = 38.86 °F
  • Molar mass:                                              20.02751 g/mol
  • pD (~pH) (at 25°C):                                  7.43
  • Specific heat (Cp) water (at 20°C):           4.219 kJ/kgK = 1.008 Btu(IT)/(lbm °F) or kcal/(kg K)
  • Specific weight (at 11.23 oC):                   10.8452 kN/m3 = 69.0391 lbf/ft3
  • Surface tension (at 25°C):                       71.87 dyn/cm
  • Triple point pressure:                               0.00652 atm = 0.00661 bar = 661 Pa = 0.0959 psi (=lbf/in2)
  • Triple point temperature:                          3.82 °C = 38.88 °F
  • Vapor pressure (at 25°C):                        20.6 mmHg = 0.027 atm = 0.028 bar = 2750 Pa = 0.398 psi
  • Viscosity (at 20°C):                                   1.251 cP or mPa s

Ionization Constant, pKw, of normal and heavy water with varying temperature.

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