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Process Control

Instrumentation and process control systems, design and documentation

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Measurements & Instrumentation

Measurement and instrumentation principles

Risk, Reliability and Safety

Risk, Reliability and Safety in Process Control Systems


Documentation of process control systems - Block Flow Diagrams (BFD), Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and more

Control Valves

Control Valve terminology, bodies, trim, flow characteristics, Cv and Kv sizing, noise, actuators and positioners

Air - Humidity measured by the Dry and Wet Bulb Temperature

Relative humidity in moist air can estimated by measuring the dry and wet bulb temperature.

BFD - Block Flow Diagram

A Block Flow Diagram is a schematic illustration of a major process.

CE Marking

Verifies that a product is designed to the appropriate standards according the European Machine Directive.

Chemicals and Hazard Rating Systems

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) hazard system for chemical materials

Electric Circuit Diagram - Drawing Template

Online shareable electric circuit diagram.

Flow Coefficient - Cv - for Liquid, Steam and Gas - Formulas and Online Calculators

Flow coefficient and proper design of control valves - Imperial Units

Flow Coefficients - Cv vs. Flow Factor Kv

Comparing and convert between flow coefficient Cv and flow factor Kv.

Flowmeters and Turndown Ratio - Rangeability

Turndown ratio for flow measurement devices like orifices, venturi meters etc.

Gases - Control Valve Sizing Calculator

An online control valve - Cv - calculator for gases.

Hazardous Area Classification - European Standard

European hazardous area classification in zones, protection types, temperature codes and codes

Hazardous Area Classification - North America

North American hazardous locations classification in classes, divisions and groups

HVAC Diagram - Online Drawing Tool

Draw HVAC diagrams online with this Google Drive drawing tool.

IP - Ingress Protection Rating

IP - Ingress Protection rating is used to specify the environmental protection - or electrical enclosure - of electrical equipment.

ISA Codes for Process Instrumentation

ISA process instrumentation codes - and combinations

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ISA Instrumentation Codes in Process Control Systems

The ISA standards and symbols are important for the P&IDs and documents describing the process control system

P&ID - Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

Schematic illustration of a functional relationship between piping, instrumentation and system components.

P&ID Diagram - Online Drawing Tool

Draw P&ID diagrams online in the browser with Google Docs.

PFD - Process Flow Diagram

The Process Flow Diagram (PFD) is a schematic illustration of a system.

PFD - Process Flow Diagram - Online Drawing Tool

Draw Process Flow Diagrams with this online Google Docs drawing application.


Introduction to pressure - online pressure units converter.

Process Control and Common Terms

Common terms in the process control terminology

Process Controllers

Proportional, integrating and derivative process controllers

Signal Transmission - Standard Systems

Standard signals used for transmission from sensor to controller

Sizing and Selection Butterfly Valves

Selecting and sizing butterfly valves for water applications

Sizing and Selection of Control Valves

Size and select control valves to match process requirements

Steam Control Valves - Kv Calculation

Design of steam control valves and their Kv values

Temperature Sensors - Comparing Types

Comparing advantages and disadvantages of thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors temperature sensors


Thermocouples - types, principles and temperature ranges

Types of Fluid Flow Meters

An introduction to different types of fluid flowmeters - Orifices, Venturies, Nozzles, Rotameters, Pitot Tubes, Calorimetrics, Turbine, Vortex, Electromagnetic, Doppler, Ultrasonic, Thermal, Coriolis

Water Control Valves - Calculating Kv Values

Design of water process control valves and their Kv values

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