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Oxygen - Thermophysical properties

Chemical, Physical and Thermal Properties of Oxygen - O2

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Chemical, physical and thermal properties of Oxygen - O2 :

Molecular Weight 31.9988
Specific Gravity, air = 1 1.105
Specific Volume (ft3/lb, m3/kg) 12.24, 0.764
Density of liquid at atmospheric pressure (lb/ft3, kg/m3) 71.27, 1142
Absolute Viscosity (lbm/ft s, centipoises) 13.4 10-6, 0.020
Sound velocity in gas (m/s) 329
Specific Heat - cp - (Btu/lboF or cal/goC, J/kgK) 0.220, 920
Specific Heat Ratio - cp/cv 1.40
Gas constant - R - (ft lb/lboR, J/kgoC) 48.3, 260
Thermal Conductivity (Btu/hr ft oF, W/moC) 0.015, 0.026
Boiling Point - saturation pressure 14.7 psia and 760 mm Hg - (oF, oC) -297.3, -182.97
Latent Heat of Evaporation at boiling point (Btu/lb, J/kg) 91.7, 213000
Freezing or Melting Point  at 1 atm (oF, oC) -361.1, -218.4
Latent Heat of Fusion (Btu/lb, J/kg) 5.9, 13700
Critical Temperature (oF, oC) -181.5, -118.6
Critical Pressure (psia, MN/m2) 726, 5.01
Critical Volume (ft3/lb, m3/kg) 0.040, 0.0025
Flammable no
  • values at 25oC (77oF, 298 K) and atmospheric pressure

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