Engineering economics - cash flow diagrams, present value, discount rates, internal rates of return - IRR, income taxes, inflation

Accounting Rate of Return

Net Income to Net Investment

Bid - Work Flow Template

A bid work flow template - Online with Google Docs

Cash Flow Diagrams

Value of money in the future

Compound Interest Tables

Compound interest tables - Interests ranging 0.25 - 60%

Discount Rates

Single and multiple discounts

Discrete Compounding Formulas

Compounding formulas for discrete payments

Income Taxes

Taxable income and income taxes

Inflation Rate

Inflation and future value

Interest Formulas

Single cash flow formulas

Interest Rate

Interest is the cost of money

Interest Rates - Effective versus Nominal

Effective vs. nominal interest rates

Internal Rate of Return - IRR

Internal Rate of Return - IRR - the break-even interest rate

Markup and Gross Profit

Profit versus markup

Net Income

The accounting measure of a project

Net Present Worth - NPW - of a Stream of Payments

Net Present Worth - NPW - or Value of a stream of payments

Online Mortgage Payment Calculator

Calculate mortgage payment with Annual Interest Rate, Number of Years and Amount Borrowed

Operating Profit

Generated profit or income

Payback Time

Investments and payback time


Working with percentages - parts of a whole


An asset providing a fixed cash flow

Present Value

The Present Value of money in the future

Shipping - Cost, Payment Terms and Conditions (TERMS)

FOB, CFR ...

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