Documents giving viscosity of different kind of chemical species at varying conditions

Absolute or Dynamic Viscosity Online Converter

Convert between dynamic or absolute viscosity units - Poiseuille, Poise, centPoise and more

Absolute, Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity

Dynamic, absolute and kinematic viscosities - convert between CentiStokes (cSt), centipoises (cP), Saybolt Universal Seconds (SSU) and degree Engler

Air - Absolute and Kinematic Viscosity

Absolute (dynamic) and kinematic viscosity of air at temperatures ranging -40 - 1000oC (-40 - 1500oF) at standard atmospheric pressure - Imperial Units

Air Properties

Density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient, kinematic viscosity and Prandtl's number - air temperature ranging -150 oC to 400 oC

Calcium Chloride and Water

Freezing point, density, specific heat and dynamic viscosity of Calcium Chloride Water coolant

Centrifugal Pumps and Influence from Viscosity

When a liquid flow through a pump, hydrodynamic losses depends on fluid viscosity

Crude oil viscosity as function of gravity

Viscosity at 20°C/68°F and 50°C/122°F for more than 120 crudes is shown as function of specific gravity@15°C/60°F

Dry Air Properties

Dry air properties at temperatures ranging 175 - 1900 K - specific heat, ratio of specific heats, dynamic viscosity, thermal conductivity, Prandtl number, density and kinematic viscosity

Dynamic or Absolute Viscosity Converting Chart

Dynamic viscosity converting chart with units like Poiseuille - Poise - centiPoise and more

Dynamic Viscosity of common Liquids

Absolute - dynamic - viscosity for some common fluids

Engine & Gear Oil - Temperatures and Viscosity Limits

Oil viscosity vs. temperature

Ethylene Glycol Heat-Transfer Fluid

Freezing point, viscosity, specific gravity and specific heat of ethylene glycol based heat-transfer fluids, or brines

Food Products - Viscosities

Absolute or dynamic viscosity for some common food products

Fuel Oil Viscosities

Fuels oils - and their viscosities versus temperature

Gases - Dynamic Viscosity

Absolute viscosities of gases

Industrial Lubricants - Viscosities equivalent ISO-VG Grade

ISO-VG viscosity grades for industrial lubricants

ISO Grade Oils - Viscosities and Densities

Viscosities and densities of ISO - and equivalent SAE grade oils

Kinematic Viscosity - Online Converter

Convert between different kinematic viscosity units - centistokes, poise, lentor and more

Kinematic Viscosity Conversion Diagram

Convert between Centistokes, Saybolt and Redwood seconds

Liquids - Kinematic Viscosities

Kinematic viscosities of common liquids like motor oil, diesel fuel, peanut oil and many more

Motor Oils - Dynamic Viscosity

Dynamic viscosities for motor oils SAE 10 to 50 - temperature range 0 - 100 deg C

Oil Viscosity - Convert Values

Convert between common oil viscosity units

Sea Water Properties

Sea water - specific volume, specific heat and absolute viscosity

Steam Viscosity

Absolute viscosity of steam at pressure ranging 1 - 10000 psia

Sugar Solutions - Viscosities

Dynamic viscosities of sucrose solutions at different temperatures

Viscosity Converting Chart

Convert between the viscosity units Centiposes, milliPascal, CentiStokes and SSU

Water - Absolute or Dynamic Viscosity

Absolute or dynamic viscosity of water in centipoises for temperatures between 32 - 200oF

Water - Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity

Figures and tables showing viscosity of water at temperatures ranging from 0 to 360 °C (32 to 675 °F) - Imperial and SI Units

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