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Ice and Water - Melting Points vs. Pressure

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Melting point: The temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid.

The melting point of water is dependent of the pressure above the ice (solid water), and the melting point or freezing temperature decreases with increasing pressure. By definition 0 °C is at the melting point of water at 1 atmosphere pressure.

Online Ice to Water Melting Point Calculator

The calculator below can be used to calculate the water melting point at given pressures.
The output temperature is given as °C, °F, K and °R.

Note! Pressure must be within the ranges 0.01-2000 bara, 0.1-29 000 psia, 5-1500 000 mm Hg or 0.2-59000 in Hg.

Choose the actual unit of pressure:

See Water and Heavy Water for thermodynamic properties at standard condtions.
See also other properties of Water at varying temperature and pressure : Boiling points at high pressure , Boiling points at vacuum pressure , Density and specific weight , Dynamic and kinematic viscosity , Enthalpy and entropy , Heat of vaporization , Ionization Constant, pK w , of normal and heavy water , Prandtl number , Properties at Gas-Liquid Equilibrium Conditions , Saturation pressure , Specific gravity , Specific heat (heat capacity) , Specific volume , Thermal conductivity , Thermal diffusivity and Vapour pressure at gas-liquid equilibrium .

Ice - Melting Points vs. Pressure
Pressure Temperature
[MPa] [bara] [psia] [mm Hg] [in Hg] [°C] [°F]
0.000612 0.00612 0.089 4.59 0.18 0.01 32.02
0.1 1.01325 14.7 750 29.5 0.0026 32.00
1 10 145 7501 295 -0.064 31.88
2 20 290 15001 591 -0.14 31.75
5 50 725 37503 1476 -0.37 31.33
10 100 1450 75006 2953 -0.75 30.65
15 150 2176 112509 4429 -1.14 29.95
20 200 2901 150012 5906 -1.54 29.23
30 300 4351 225019 8859 -2.36 27.75
40 400 5802 300025 11812 -3.21 26.22
50 500 7252 375031 14765 -4.09 24.64
60 600 8702 450037 17718 -5.00 23.00
70 700 10153 525043 20671 -5.94 21.31
80 800 11603 600049 23624 -6.91 19.56
90 900 13053 675056 26577 -7.91 17.76
100 1000 14504 750062 29530 -8.94 15.91
120 1200 17405 900074 35436 -11.09 12.04
140 1400 20305 1050086 41342 -13.35 7.97
160 1600 23206 1200099 47248 -15.73 3.69
180 1800 26107 1350111 53154 -18.22 -0.80
200 2000 29008 1500123 59060 -20.83 -5.49
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