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Ice - Thermal Properties

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Thermal properties of ice:

Ice - Thermal Properties
- t -

- ρ -


- k -
other units

- cp -

0.01 (Water) 999.8
0 916.2 2.22 2.050
-5 917.5 2.25 2.027
-10 918.9 2.30 2.000
-15 919.4 2.34 1.972
-20 919.4 2.39 1.943
-25 919.6 2.45 1.913
-30 920.0 2.50 1.882
-35 920.4 2.57 1.851
-40 920.8 2.63 1.818
-50 921.6 2.76 1.751
-60 922.4 2.90 1.681
-70 923.3 3.05 1.609
-80 924.1 3.19 1.536
-90 924.9 3.34 1.463
-100 925.7 3.48 1.389
  • Officially water at 0 oC is ice

Vapour Pressure Ice

For full table - rotate the screen!

Ice - Vapour Pressure

-220 -200 -150 -100 -90 -80 -70 -60 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10 -5 -0.01
Vapour Pressure
(Pa abs)

2.06 10-37 3.31 10-24 9 10-10 0.0014 0.0097 0.055 0.261 1.08 3.94 12.84 38 103.2 259.9 401.7 611.7

Download and print Ice - Vapor Pressure vs. Temperature chart

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