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Water Vapor - Specific Heat vs. Temperature

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Specific heat (C) is the amount of heat required to change the temperature of a mass unit of a substance by one degree.

  • Isobaric specific heat  (Cp) is used for substances in a constant pressure (ΔP = 0) system.
  • Isochoric specific heat (Cv) is used for substances in a constant-volume, (= isovolumetric or isometric) closed system.

The specific heat - CP and CV - will vary with temperature. When calculating mass and volume flow of a substance in heated or cooled systems with high accuracy - the specific heat (= heat capacity) should be corrected according values in the table below.

Specific heat of Water Vapor - H2O - at temperatures ranging 175 - 6000 K:

Water Vapor - Specific Heat vs. Temperature
- T -

Specific Heat
- cp -
(kJ/(kg K))

175 1.850
200 1.851
225 1.852
250 1.855
275 1.859
300 1.864
325 1.871
350 1.880
375 1.890
400 1.901
450 1.926
500 1.954
550 1.984
600 2.015
650 2.047
700 2.080
750 2.113
800 2.147
850 2.182
900 2.217
950 2.252
1000 2.288
1050 2.323
1100 2.358
1150 2.392
1200 2.425
1250 2.458
1300 2.490
1350 2.521
1400 2.552
1500 2.609
1600 2.662
1700 2.711
1800 2.756
1900 2.798
2000 2.836
2100 2.872
2200 2.904
2300 2.934
2400 2.962
2500 2.987
2600 3.011
2700 3.033
2800 3.053
2900 3.072
3000 3.090
3500 3.163
4000 3.217
4500 3.258
5000 3.292
5500 3.322
6000 3.350

The values above apply to undissociated states. At high temperatures above 1500 K dissociation becomes appreciable and pressure is a significant variable.

See Water and Heavy Water - for thermodynamic properties at standard condtions.

See also other properties of Water at varying temperature and pressure: Boiling points at high pressure, Boiling points at vacuum pressure, Density and specific weightDynamic and kinematic viscosity, Enthalpy and entropy, Heat of vaporization, Ionization Constant, pKw, of normal and heavy water, Melting points at high pressure, Prandtl numberProperties at Gas-Liquid Equilibrium Conditions, Saturation pressure, Specific gravity, Specific volume, Thermal conductivity, Thermal diffusivity and Vapour pressure at gas-liquid equilibrium,
as well as Specific heat of  Air - at Constant Pressure and Varying TemperatureAir - at Constant Temperature and Varying PressureAmmonia, Butane, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Ethane, Ethanol, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Methane, Methanol, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Propane.

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