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Liquids - Thermal Conductivities

Some fluids and their thermal conductivities.

Thermal conductivities for some common liquids at temperature 300 K (26.8 oC, 80.3 oF):

Liquids - Thermal Conductivities
FluidThermal Conductivity
(W/m K)
Acetic acid 0.193
Acetone 0.180
Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol) 0.171
Alcohol, methyl (methanol) 0.204
Alcohol, propyl 0.161
Ammonia, saturated 0.507
Aniline 0.172
Benzene 0.167
Benzine 0.16
Carbon Disulfide 0.161
Carbon Tetrachloride 0.104
Castor Oil 0.180
Chloroform 0.129
Decane 0.147
Dichlorodifluoromethane refrigerant R-12 0.071
Diesel oil 0.13
Dodecane 0.140
Engine Oil, unused 0.145
Ether 0.130
Ethyl acetate 0.137
Ethylene Glycol 0.258
Gas oil 0.15
Glycerine 0.285
Heating oil 0.12
Hexane 0.124
Hydrochlor acid 10% 0.50
Hydrofluoric acid 2.33
Isobutyl alcohol 0.134
Kerosene 0.145
Linseed oil 0.15
Machine oil 0.126
Medicinal paraffin 0.127
Mercury 8.4
Methane (93.2 K) 0.2153
n-Butyl alcohol 0.167
n-Heptane 0.140
n-Octane 0.147
n-Pentane 0.136
n-Propyl alcohol 0.168
Nitric acid 0.26
Nitrogen (69.1 K) 0.1511
Oil, cylinder 0.152
Oil, transformer 0.136
Petroleum 0.159
Petroleum ether 0.14
Phenol 0.190
Propylene glycol 0.147
Sulfuric acid concentrated 0.5
Toluene 0.151
Trichlor ethylene 0.16
Trichlorofluoromethane refrigerant R-11 0.093
Turpentine 0.128
Water, Fresh 0.609
Xenon (173 K) 0.07

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