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Latent Heat of Melting common Materials

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The latent heat of fusion of a substance is

  • the amount of heat required to convert a unit mass of the solid into liquid without change in temperature

The latent heat of melting for some common solids are indicated below:

Latent Heat of Melting common Materials
ProductLatent Heat of Melting

Acetic acid 181
Acetone 98.3
Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol) 108
Alcohol, methyl (methanol) 98.8
Alcohol, propyl 86.5
Aluminum 396
Ammonia 339
Aniline 113.5
Antimony 161
Benzene 126
Bismuth 52.2
Brass 168
Bromine 66.7
Cadmium 56
Carbon disulfide 57.6
Carbon dioxide 184
Carbon tetrachloride 174
Cast iron 126
Chloroform 77
Chromium 394
Cobalt 275
Copper 206
Decane 201
Dodecane 216
Ether 96.2
Ethyl ether 113
Ethylene glycol 181
Glycerine 200
Gold 63
Heptane 140
Hexane 152
Ice, see Water
Iodine 62.2
Iron, gray cast 96
Iron, white cast 138
Iron, slag 209
Lead 23
Manganese 240
Mercury 11.4
Naphthaline 151
Nickel 293
Octane 181
Paraffin 147
Phenol 121
Phosphrus 21.1
Platinium 103
Potassium 59
Propane 79.9
Propylene 71.4
Silver 105
Sulphur 39.2
Tin 59
Toluene 71.8
Water, Ice 334
Wood's alloy 33.5
Zinc 112
  • 1 kJ/kg = 0.4299 Btu/lbm = 0.23884 kcal/kg

Heat Required to Melt a Solid

The heat required to melt a solid can be calculated as

q = Lm m                                              (1)


q = required heat (J, Btu)

Lm = latent heat of melting (J/kg, Btu/lb)

m = mass of substance (kg, lb)

Example - Required Heat to melt Ice to Water

The heat required to melt 10 kg of ice to water can be calculated as

q = Lm m

  = 334 103 (J/kg) 10 (kg)

  = 3340000 (J)

  = 3340 (kJ)

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