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Gases - Gross and Net Heat Values

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Gross heating and net heating values for some common gases can be found in the table below:

Fuel Gases - Gross and Net Heat Values

(kcal/nm3) 1)

Gross Heating ValuesNet Heating ValuesGross Heating ValuesNet Heating Values
Hydrogen 33889 28555 3050 2570
Methane 13284 11946 9530 8570
Ethane 12400 11350 16700 15300
Ethylene 12020 11270 15100 14200
Natural Gas - approximately 12000 11000 9000 8000
Propane 12030 11080 24200 22250
Propylene 11700 10940 22400 20900
n-Butane 11830 10930 31900 29400
Iso-Butane 11810 10900 31700 29200
Butylene-1 11580 10830 29900 27900
Iso-Pentane (liquid) 11600 10730
LPG (average) 11920 10997 28000 25775
Acetylene 11932 11514 13980 13490
Carbon Monoxide 2411 2411 3014 3014

1) nm3 = normal cubic metre

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