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Ammonia - Prandtl Number vs. Temperature and Pressure

Figures and table with changes in Prandtl number for ammonia with changes in temperature and pressure.

The Prandtl Number - Pr - is a dimensionless number approximating the ratio of momentum diffusivity (kinematic viscosity) to thermal diffusivity - and is often used in heat transfer and free and forced convection calculations.

The Prandtl number can for calculations be expressed as

Pr =  μ Cp / k                           (1)

μ = absolute or dynamic viscosity (kg/m s, lbm /(ft h))
Cp = specific heat (J/kg K, Btu/(lbm oF))
k = thermal conductivity (W/m K, Btu/(h ft2oF/ft))

Below, Prandtl numbers for ammonia at varying temperatures and pressures are given in figures and table .

See also other properties of Ammonia at varying temperature and pressure: Density and specific weight , Dynamic and kinematic viscosity , Prandtl Number , Properties at Gas-Liquid Equilibrium pressure , Specific Heat (Heat Capacity) and Thermal Conductivity , and Thermophysical properties at standard conditions and Vapour pressure at gas-liquid equilibrium ,
as well as Prandtl number of Air , Carbon dioxide , Methane , Nitrogen , Propane and Water .

Ammonia Prandtl number at gas-liquid equilibrium pressure, temperature given as °C or °F:

Ammonia Prandtl no equilibrium C

Ammonia Prandtl no equilibrium F

Ammonia Prandtl number at atmospheric pressure, temperature given as °C:

Ammonia Prandtl no temperature 1bara C

Ammonia Prandtl number at varying temperatures at given constant pressures, SI and Imperial units:

Ammonia Prandtl no pressure C

Ammonia Prandtl no pressure F

Ammonia Prandtl number at given temperatures and 1, 10, 50 and 100 bara presure:

Ammonia - Prandtl Number vs. Temperature and Pressure
Temperature Prandtl number at given pressures
[K] [°C] [°F] 1 bara 10 bara 50 bara 100 bara
200 -73.2 -8.6 2.67 2.67 2.69 2.72
239.56 -33.6 13.3 1.71(liq)
239.56 -33.6 13.3 0.881(g)
298.05 24.9 45.8 1.30 (liq)
298.05 24.9 45.8 1.18 (g)
300 26.9 46.9 0.876 1.16 1.29 1.29
362.03 88.9 81.4 1.41 (liq)
362.03 88.9 81.4 1.84 (g)
398.32 125 102 3.59 (liq)
398.32 125 102 4.85 (g)
400 127 102 0.857 0.894 1.11 3.24
500 227 158 0.835 0.846 0.903 0.998
600 327 214 0.855 0.860 0.883 0.913
700 427 269 0.952 0.955 0.965 0.976

Ammonia phase diagram

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