Stockpile Volumes

Volume of natural stockpiles - cubic feet, yard, meter and decimeter

Volumes of natural stockpiles:

Stockpile - volume vs diameter

  • 1 ft3 = 0.02832 m3= 28.32 dm3 = 0.03704 yd3
  • 1 ft (foot) = 0.3048 m = 12 in = 0.3333 yd

Mass of a Pile

The mass of a pile can be calculated as

m = ρ V                              (1)


m = mass (kg, lb)

ρ = density of the volume in the pile (kg/m3, lb/ft3)

V = stockpiled volume (m3, ft3)

For density - be aware of the bulking factor for the stockpiled material.

Example - Stockpiled Anthracite Coal

Anthracite coal with density 65 lb/ft3 is stockpiled in a conical pile with diameter 30 ft and height 8 ft

According the diagram above the volume of the pile is approximately 2000 ft3.

The total mass of the pile can be calculated as

w = (65 lb/ft3) (2000 ft3)

   = 130000 lb

Calculator - Volume of a Coned Pile

The calculator below can be used to calculate volume and mass of a coned pile.

diameter (m, ft)

height (m, ft)

density (kg/m3, lb/ft3)

Calculator - Volume of a Rectangular Pile

The calculator below can be used to calculate volume and mass of a rectangular pile.

width (m, ft)

depth (m, ft)

height (m, ft)

density (kg/m3, lb/ft3)

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