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Dumping or Tipping Angles

Tipping angles for some common materials like ashes, sand, earth, shingles ...

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Stockpile - tipping or dumping angle

Dumping of tipping angles - the angles where materials will slide out of the tipped body:

MaterialDumping Angle
Ashes, dry 33
Ashes, moist 36
Ashes, wet 30
Asphalt 45
Brick 40
Cinders, dry 33
Cinders, moist 34
Cinders, wet 31
Cinders and Clay 30
Clay 45
Coal, hard 24
Coal, soft 30
Coke 23
Concrete 30
Earth, loose 28
Earth, compact 50
Garbage 30
Gravel 40
Ore, dry 30
Ore, damp or fresh mined 37
Rubble 45
Sand, dry 35
Sand, damp 40
Sand, with crushed stone 27
Shingles 40
Stone 30
Stone, broken 27
Stone, crushed 30
  • dumping angle - the angle between the horizontal plane and the side of the pile
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