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Clo - Clothing and Thermal Insulation

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The insulation effect of clothes can be measured in the unit "Icl, Clo" - where

1 Clo = 0.155 m2K/W

  • Clo = 0 - corresponds to a naked person
  • Clo = 1 - corresponds to the insulating value of clothing needed to maintain a person in comfort sitting at rest in a room at 21 ℃ (70 ℉) with air movement of 0.1 m/s and humidity less than 50% - typically a person wearing a business suit
Clo - Clothing and Thermal Insulation
Icl, Clom2K/W
Nude 0 0
Underwear - pants Pantyhose 0.02 0.003
Panties 0.03 0.005
Briefs 0.04 0.006
Pants 1/2 long legs made of wool 0.06 0.009
Pants long legs 0.1 0.016
Underwear - shirts Bra 0.01 0.002
Shirt sleeveless 0.06 0.009
T-shirt 0.09 0.014
Shirt with long sleeves 0.12 0.019
Half-slip in nylon 0.14 0.022
Shirts Tube top 0.06 0.009
Short sleeve 0.09 0.029
Light blouse with long sleeves 0.15 0.023
Light shirt with long sleeves 0.20 0.031
Normal with long sleeves 0.25 0.039
Flannel shirt with long sleeves 0.30 0.047
Long sleeves with turtleneck blouse 0.34 0.053
Trousers Shorts 0.06 0.009
Walking shorts 0.11 0.017
Light trousers 0.20 0.031
Normal trousers 0.25 0.039
Flannel trousers 0.28 0.043
Overalls 0.28 0.043
Coveralls Daily wear, belted 0.49 0.076
Work 0.50 0.078
Highly-insulating coveralls Multi-component with filling 1.03 0.160
Fiber-pelt 1.13 0.175
Sweaters Sleeveless vest 0.12 0.019
Thin sweater 0.20 0.031
Long thin sleeves with turtleneck 0.26 0.040
Thick sweater 0.35 0.054
Long thick sleeves with turtleneck 0.37 0.057
Jacket Vest 0.13 0.020
Light summer jacket 0.25 0.039
Smock 0.30 0.047
Jacket 0.35 0.054
Coats and over-jackets and over-trousers Overalls multi-component 0.52 0.081
Down jacket 0.55 0.085
Coat 0.60 0.093
Parka 0.70 0.109
Sundries Socks 0.02 0.003
Thin soled shoes 0.02 0.003
Quilted fleece slippers 0.03 0.005
Thick soled shoes 0.04 0.006
Thick ankle socks 0.05 0.008
Boots 0.05 0.008
Thick long socks 0.10 0.016
Skirts, dresses Light skirt 15 cm. above knee 0.01 0.016
Light skirt 15 cm. below knee 0.18 0.028
Heavy skirt knee-length 0.25 0.039
Light dress sleeveless 0.25 0.039
Winter dress long sleeves 0.40 0.062
Sleepwear Under shorts 0.10 0.016
Short gown thin strap 0.15 0.023
Long gown long sleeve 0.30 0.047
Hospital gown 0.31 0.048
long pajamas with long sleeve 0.50 0.078
Body sleep with feet 0.72 0.112
Robes Long sleeve, wrap, short 0.41 0.064
Long sleeve, wrap, long 0.53 0.082

An overall insulation - or Clo - value can be calculated by simply taking the Clo value for each individual garment worn by a person and adding them together. The mean surface area of the human body is approximately 1.8 m2.

Example - Clothing Ensemble

Clothing Ensemble
Briefs 0.04
Shoes 0.02
Socks 0.03
Short sleeve shirt 0.19
Straight trousers 0.15
Total 0.43
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