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Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Rooms Occupied with People

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The carbon dioxide concentration in a room can be used to indicate air quality.

The Carbon dioxide concentration in a room filled with persons after a time - t - can be calculated as

c = (q / (n V)) [1 - (1 / en t)] + (c0 - ci) (1 / en t) + ci                              (1)


c= carbon dioxide concentration in the room (m3/m3)

q= carbon dioxide supplied to the room (m3/h)

V= volume of the room (m3)

e= the constant 2.718.....

n= number of air shifts per hour (1/h)

t= time (hour, h)

ci= carbon dioxide concentration in the inlet ventilation air (m3/m3)

c0= carbon dioxide concentration in the room at start,t=0(m3/m3)

Note that this equation can be used to calculate the concentration of any pollution as long as the pollution substance is homogeneous mixed with the air.

CO2 Concentration Calculator

*) normal carbon dioxide concentration in outside air is aprox. 400 ppm (0.0004 m3/m3).


Example - Carbon Dioxide Concentration in a Cinema

With an approximately carbon dioxide emission per person in a cinema of 0.05 m3/h - the CO2 emission from 100 persons can be calculated to approximately 5 m3/h.

If the carbon dioxide concentration when people enters the room - and in the inlet air - is close to zero, the CO2 pollution concentration in a 500 m3 cinema after one hour and with one air shift per hour, can be calculated as:

c =( (5 m3/h) / (1 h-1) (500 m3) ) [1 - (1 / e((1 1/h) (1 h))] + ((0 m3/m3) - (0.0004 m3/m3)) (1 / e(1 1/h)(1 h)) + (0.0004 m3/m3)

        = 0.0067 m3/m3 (6700 ppm)

Note! - that with 6700 ppm(0.0067 m3/m3) of CO2 in the air - adverse health effects may be expected. One air shift per hour as used in this example is not enough.

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