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Indoor Conditions - Summer or Winter

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Indoor Conditions - Summer or Winter
ExtraCommercialWith HumidificationWithout Humidification
Dry Bulb TemperatureRelative HumidityDry Bulb TemperatureRelative HumidityDry Bulb TemperatureRelative HumidityDry Bulb Temperature




General Comfort
Apartment, House, Hotel, Office, Hospital, School ..
74 - 76 50 - 45 77 - 79 50 - 54 74 - 76 35 - 30 75 - 77
Retail Shops for shorter terms occupancy
Bank, barber shop, beauty shop, department store, supermarket ..
76 - 78 50 - 45 78 - 80 50 - 45 72 - 74 35 - 30 73 - 75
High latent load and low sensible load applications
Auditoriums, churches, bars, restaurants, kitchens
76 - 78 55 - 50 78 - 80 65 - 50 72 - 74 40 - 35 74 - 76
Work shops, assembly areas, machining rooms ..
77 - 80 55 - 45 80 - 85 60 - 50 68 - 72 35 - 30 70 - 74
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