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CO2 Calculator - Emissions from Trains

Calculator for CO2 emissions from trains, comparing with alternative forms of transportation (as plane, bus, conventional and electrical cars).

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Online CO 2 calculator for travel by train


By filling in the required information, the calculator below can be used to estimate the CO 2 emissions from your travels by train.
Additionally, it compares with emissions from alternative ways of travel.

How far do you travel?

Kilometer Miles

How is the utilization of train capasity?

% filled up (for trains, typical average filling degree is between 30 and 55%)

Choose the actual energy source of your train (definitions are given below) :

Diesel Low CO 2 el Medium CO 2 el High CO 2 el

Not sure how far you are going?   See Driving distance between European cities and Flight distances between cities in and between different continents.
See also similar CO 2 calculators for more details about emissions from cars and airplanes .
Unit converter for conversion to and from non-SI units.

A few words about the assumptions for the calculator:

  • The CO 2 emissions are strongly dependent on the energy source of the trains. We have used four different classes:
    Diesel:               No electric power
    Low CO 2 el:       Mainly non-emission electric power (hydroelectric, sun, wind etc)
    Medium CO 2 el: An even blend of non-emission electric power and power from power plants fired with hydrocarbons (gass, oil or coal)
    High CO 2 el:      Mainly power from hydrocarbon fired power plants
  • In comparison with alternative ways of travel, the efficiency regard to distance is set to be:
    Train:  1 (reference)
    Bus:   0.95 km/km train
    Car:    0.92 km/km train
    Plane: 0.75 km/km train
    (The difference is due to more straight driving lines for cars and planes)
  • Electrical cars are assumed to have the same electricity source as the trains on electrical power. Diesel trains are compared with electrical cars using Medium CO 2 el.
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