Maximum Sound Pressure Levels in Rooms

Maximum recommended sound pressure levels in rooms with activities like kindergartens, auditoriums, libraries, cinemas and more ...

Sound pressure level is the pressure of sound related to a fixed reference. The reference is the threshold of hearing 2 10-5 Pa, or in the logarithmic decibel scale the value 0 dB.

The table below can be used as a guide to maximum acceptable sound pressure levels in rooms with different types of activities.

Activity and Type of AreaNoise Rating
NR value
Kindergartens 30 35
Auditorium 25 30
Library 30 35
Cinema 30 35
Concert hall 20 25
Court room 25 30
Theater 25 30
Store, retail 35 40
Supermarkets 40 45
Hospital, corridor 30 35
Hospital, operating theater 25 30
Hospital, private room 20 25
Hotel, lobby 35 40
Hotel, restaurant 40 45
Hotel, ballroom 30 35
Church 25 30
Office 30 35
School, lecture room 25 30
School, corridor 30 35
School, gymnasium 30 35
Swimming pool 35 40
Studio, record 20 25
Studio, radio 15 20
Studio, television with audience 25 30
Studio, television without audience 20 25

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