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Human Heat Gain

Heat gain from persons in air conditioned spaces - in btu/hr.

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The table below indicates human sensible and latent heat. The values can be used to calculate heat loads that need to be handled by air conditioning systems.

Human Heat Gain
Typical ApplicationSensible Heat
Latent Heat
Theater-Matinee, Auditorium, 200 130
Theater-Evening, School 215 135
Offices, Hotels, Apartments 215 185
Retail & Department Stores 220 230
Drug Store 220 280
Bank 220 280
Restaurant 240 310
Factory - light work 240 510
Dance Hall 270 580
Factory - moderate work 330 670
Bowling Alley 510 940
Factory - heavy work, Gymnasium 510 940
  • Tabulated values are based on 78oF (25.6oC) for dry-bulb temperature
  • Adjusted total heat value for sedentary work, restaurant, includes 60 Btu/hr (18 W) for food per individual (30 Btu/h (9 W) sensible and 30 Btu/h (9 W) latent heat).
  • For bowling figure one person per alley actually bowling, and all others as sitting (400 Btu/h(118 W) or standing (550 Btu/h) (161 W)
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