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Human Body Composition

Composition of the human body.

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Elements in the human body are indicated below:

Body mass (kg)

ElementShare of Body Mass


Antimony 0.000011
Arsenic 0.000026
Barium 0.000031
Beryllium 0.00000005
Boron 0.000069
Bromine 0.00029
Cadmium 0.000072
Calcium 1.5
Carbon 18
Cesium 0.0000021
Chlorine 0.15
Chromium 0.0000024
Cobalt 0.0000021
Copper 0.00010
Fluorine 0.0037
Gold 0.000014
Hydrogen 10
Iodine 0.000016
Iron 0.006
Lead 0.00017
Lithium 0.0000031
Magnesium 0.05
Manganese 0.000017
Mercury 0.000019
Molybdenum 0.000013
Nickel 0.000014
Niobium 0.00016
Nitrogen 3
Oxygen 65
Phosphorus 1.0
Potassium 0.20
Radium 0.0000000000001


Selenium 0.000019
Silicon 0.0020
Silver 0.0000010
Sodium 0.15
Strontium 0.00046
Sulfur 0.25
Tellurium 0.000012
Tin 0.000024
Titanium 0.000013
Uranium 0.00000013
Vanadium 0.000026
Zinc 0.0032
Zirconium 0.0006

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