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Air Conditioning - Cooling of Air and Generated Condensate

Water may condensate when air is cooled in an air conditioning system

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In air cooling processes condensate water may be generated from the moist air.

Cooling moist air - generating condensate water

If we know the condition and the specific humidity of the air before and after an air conditioning unit - the condensate generated can be calculated

qcond = qair dwlb / (8.33 vda)                                     (1)


qcond = condensate generated (gallons per minute, gpm)

qair = air flow (cubic feet per minute)

dwlb = difference in specific humidity (lbwater / lbdry air)

vda = specific volume of air (cubic feet/lbdry air)

With specific humidity expressed in grains water per lb dry air (1) can be expressed as

qcond = qair dwgr / (7000 8.33 vda)       

        = qair (wgr-out - wgr-in) / (7000 8.33 vda)                                              (2)


qcond = condensate generated (gallons per minute)

qair = air flow (cubic feet per minute)

dwgr = difference in specific humidity (grwater / lbdry air)

wgr-out = specific humidity in air out (grwater / lbdry air)

wgr-inspecific humidity in air in (grwater / lbdry air)

vda = specific volume of air (cubic feet/lbdry air)

7000 = grains per lbm of water (1 grain = 0.000143 lbm = 0.0648 g)

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