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Standardized Enthalpies and Entropies

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Standardized enthalpies and entropies of some common substances:

Standardized Enthalpies and Entropies
- s -
- h -
Btu/lbmole RJ/gmole KBtu/lbmoleJ/gmole
Acetylene C2H2 47.97 200.82 97,495 226,757
Benzene C6H6 64.3 269.21 35,653 82,923
n-Butane C4H10 74.1 310.03 -53,627 -124,727
Carbon Dioxide CO2 51.03 213.66 -169,183 -393,492
Carbon Monoxide CO 47.3 197.92 -47,517 -110,516
Ethane C2H6 54.8 229.48 -36,401 -84,662
Hydrogen H2 31.2 130.60 0 0
Methane CH4 44.5 186.19 -32,179 -74,843
Nitrogen N2 45.8 191.56 0 0
Oxygen O2 48.99 205.09 0 0
Propane C3H8 64.47 269.92 -44,647 -103,848
Water H2O 16.72 70.00 -122,976 -286,022
  • equilibrium states at 25oC (77oF) and 1 atm

Go to Standard state and Standard enthalpy of formation for listing of standard enthalpy of formation and standard entrypy for more than 370 inorganic substances.

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