Thread Standards - Piping

Piping thread standards

Thread Standards

Most piping threads are produced to national or industry group standards describing threads form - threads angle, pitch and diameter. Common standards are


In general pitch refers to threads per inch for fractional screw threads and pipe threads. For metric screw threads pitch refers to the distance between threads.

Piping Threads

Common piping thread standards in the United States are

Other common piping thread standards

  • ISO 7/1 Tapered Pipe Threads - also known as DIN 2999, BSP 21, JIS B0203
  • ISO 228/1 Parallel Pipe Threads - equivalent to DIN ISO 228/1, BSP PL, JIS B0202, G 1/8 and G 1/4 etc.
  • BSP British standard pipe thread - British standard BS 21

Tapered threads are for joining and sealing and straight threads are only for joining.

More about piping thread standards.

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