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Food Products and Osmotic Pressure

Osmotic pressure of food products

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Reverse-omosis membrane systems can be used to remove water from water-solute mixtures. Osmotic pressures for some common food products are indicated below:

FoodConcentrationOsmotic Pressure
(103 Pa)
Apple juice 15% solids 2070
Cofee extraxt 28% solids 3450
Grape juice 16% solids 2070
Lactic acid 1% (w/v) 552
Lactose 4.7% (w/v) 380
Milk 9% solids, no fat 690
Orange juice 11% solids 1587
Sodium chloride 1% (w/v) 862
Whey 6% solids 690
  • 1 Pa = 10-6 N/mm2 = 10-5 bar = 1.45x10-4 psi (lbf/in2)
  • w/v = weight/volume
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