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ASTM B306 Copper Tubes for Drain, Waste and Vent - Dimensions and Working Pressures

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Copper tubes according ASTM 306 are used in soil, waste, vent, solar and storm drainage piping systems.

DWV stands for "Drain, Waste and Vent" and is pipes recommended for above ground use only, no pressure applications and sweat fittings only.. 

Nominal Diameter
Outside Diameter

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Inside Diameter

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Wall Thickness

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Cross Sectional Area of Bore
Mass (Weight) per unit Length
Mass (Weight) with Water
1 1/4 1.375 1.295 0.040 1.32 0.650 1.22
1 1/2 1.625 1.541 0.042 1.87 0.81 1.62
2 2.125 2.041 0.042 3.27 1.07 2.48
3 3.125 3.030 0.045 7.21 1.69 4.81
4 4.125 4.009 0.058 11.6 2.87 7.88
5 5.125 4.981 0.072 19.5 4.43 12.9
6 6.125 5.959 0.083 27.9 6.10 18.2
  • recommended for above ground and no pressure applications only
  • sweat fittings only 
  • available only in hard type
  • 1 in2 = 645.2 mm2
  • 1 lb/ft = 1.49 kg/m

Working Pressure

Ratings based on service temperature max. 150oF (66oC)

  • yield strength S = 5100 psi (35 GPa) for annealed tube 
  • yield strength S = 10000 psi (69GPa) for drawn tube
Nominal Size
Max. Working Pressure (psi)
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1 1/4 280 549
1 1/2 249 489
2 185 362
3 135 265
4 127 250
5 129 252
6 126 247
8 124 244

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