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Oil Pipes - Head Loss

Head or pressure loss due to friction in oil pipes - various viscosity and laminar flow.

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Head or pressure loss in oil pipes with laminar flow can be calculated with the table below:

Viscosity (cSt) 4 25 45 250 500
Head loss  - h - 1.7 104 f / d4 11 104 f / d4 20 104 f / d4 110 104 f / d4 220 104 f / d4


h = head loss (moil / mpipe ) - meter oil per metre oil pipe - length of pipe includes allowances for bends, valves and fittings

f = flow of oil (liter/s)

d = internal diameter of pipe (mm)

The formula above is for laminar flow where Reynolds Number (Re) is less than 2300.

The Reynolds number can be calculated from the table below:

Viscosity (cSt) 4 25 45 250 500
Reynolds number 32 104 f / d 4.5 104 f / d 2.8 104 f / d 0.45 104 f / d 0.25 104 f / d

Oil Pipe Head Loss Calculator

The calculator is based on the equations above.

Viscosity (cSt)

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