Electric Wires - Cross-Section Equations

Calculating single and bunched wire cross-sections and diameters

Cross-Section Area of Single Wire

The cross-section area of a round single wire can be calculated as

A = D2 π / 4

   = 0.7854 D2


A = cross-section area (mm2, in2)

D = diameter (mm, in)

Cross-Section Area of Bunched Wire

The cross-section area of bunched wires can be calculated as

A = n d2 π / 4

   = 0.7854 n d2


n = number of wires

d = single wire diameter (mm, in)

Diameter of a Single Wire Cross-Section Area

The diameter of a single wire cross-section area can be calculated as

D = (A 4 / π)1/2 

   = (1.2732 A)1/2

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