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Compressed Air Pressure Drop Diagram

Pressure drop in compressed air pipe lines - nomograph diagram

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The nomograph diagram below can be used to estimate pressure drop in compressed air pipe lines:

compressed air pressure drop diagram nomograph


Example - Pressure Drop in Compressed Air Pipeline

The pressure drop in a compressed air pipe line

  • length 100 m
  • air flow 500 l/s
  • inside diameter 100 mm
  • working pressure 9 bar gauge

can be estimated in the diagram by drawing a line from the length line through the air flow volume line to the reference line. From the point on the reference line draw a line through the pipe diameter line to the reference line. From the working pressure line draw a line through the point on the reference line to the pressure drop line.

As indicated below the pressure drop can be estimated to 0.07 bar.

compressed air pressure drop diagram nomograph example

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