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ISO 2841 - Spark Plugs Metric Threads

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Spark plug threads according ISO 28741  Road vehicles — Spark-plugs and  their cylinder head housings — Basic  characteristics and dimensions.

ISO 2841 - Spark Plugs Metric Threads
SizeMajor Diameter

Minor Diameter1)


Tap Drill


M10 x 1.0 10.0 9.153 - 8.917 1.00 9.20 65
M12 x 1.25 12.0 10.912 - 10.647 1.25 10.9 72
M14 x 1.25 14.0 12.912 - 12.647 1.25 12.90 72
M18 x 1.5 18.0 16.676 - 16.376 1.50 16.75 68

1) Tolerance class 6H.

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