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Mesh Sizes vs. Particle Diameters

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A strainer with a cleanable screen can in general retain particles larger than 45 μm (325 mesh). Smaller particles must be retained in a filter. Mesh size vs. particle diameters for strainers and filters are indicated below.

  • 1 μm = 10-6 m = 1 micron


Strainers - Mesh Sizes vs. Particle Diameters
Mesh SizeParticle Diameter
4 5205
8 2487
10 1923
14 1307
18 1000
20 840
25 710
30 590
35 500
40 420
45 350
50 297
60 250
70 210
80 177
100 149
120 125
140 105
170 88
200 74
230 62
270 53


Filters - Mesh Sizes vs. Particle Diameters
Mesh SizeParticle Diameter
325 44
400 37
550 25
800 15
1250 10

Download and print Particle Diameter vs. Mesh Size Chart

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