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Emissions from the Human Body

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Some typical gaseous emissions from the human body: 

  • Acetaldehyde: 3.5 10-8 g/h
  • Acetone: 4.8 10-7 g/h
  • Ammonia: 1.6 10-5 g/h
  • Carbon dioxide: 3.2 10-2 g/h
  • Carbon monoxide: 1 10-5 g/h
  • Hydrogen sulfide: 1.5 10-8 g/h
  • Methane: 1.7 10-6 g/h
  • Methanol: 6 10-9 g/h
  • Toluene: 2.3 10-8 g/h
  • 1 g/h = 1 10-3 kg/h = 2.2 10-3 lb/h
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