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Paper Drafting Sizes - ISO 216 series A, B and C

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ISO 216 "Writing paper and certain classes of printed matter; Trimmed sizes; A and B series" specifies international standard (ISO) paper sizes, used in most countries in the world today with three series of paper sizes: A, B and C. Series C is primarily used for envelopes.

ISO A Series

The ISO A series of sheet sizes is based on a constant width to length ratio of 1:√2 (rounded to the nearest millimeter). The A0 size is defined as having an area of one square meter (1 m2). Paper weights is expressed in grams per square meter.

Each smaller sheet size is exactly half the area of the previous size.

Paper Drafting Sizes - ISO 216 series A
ISO A SeriesSize
A0 841 x 1189 33.11 x 46.81
A1 594 x 841 23.39 x 33.1
A2 420 x 594 16.54 x 23.29
A3 297 x 420 11.69 x 16.54
A4 210 x 297 8.27 x 11.69
A5 148 x 210 5.83 x 8.27
A6 105 x 148  
A7 74 x 105  
A8 52 x 74  
A9 37 x 52  
A10 26 x 37  
A11 18 x 26
A12 13 x 18

ISO 216 does not define sizes larger than A0 or B0. With the German standard DIN 476 "Trimmed sizes of paper" the sizes can be expanded by using a factor in front of the size:

  • 2A0 is twice the size of A0
  • 4A0 is four time the size of A0

Oversized ISO A Sheets

Oversized sheets are used when it is desirable to give extra protection to the drawing sheets by providing a binding or trimming margin.

Paper Drafting Sizes - ISO 216 series A
ISO A SeriesSize
RA0 860 x 1220
RA1 610 x 860
RA2 430 x 610
RA3 305 x 430
RA4 215 x 305
RA5 153 x 215

ISO B Series

The ISO B series are geometric means between the A series and defined to satisfy the requirements of sizes between the A series sizes. For example, B1 is a geometric mean between A1 and A0.

Paper Drafting Sizes - ISO 216 series B
ISO B SeriesSize
B0 1000 x 1414 39.37 x 55.67
B1 707 x 1000 27.83 x 39.37
B2 500 x 707 19.68 x 27.83
B3 353 x 500 13.90 x 19.68
B4 250 x 353 9.84 x 13.90
B5 176 x 250 6.93 x 9.84
B6 125 x 176  
B7 88 x 125  
B8 62 x 88  
B9 44 x 62  
B10 31 x 44  
B11 22 x 31
B12 15 x 22

ISO C Series - Envelopes

Series C is primarily used for envelopes. The C series formats are geometric means between the B series format with the same number and the A series format with the same number - C2 is the geometric mean between B2 and A2.

Paper Drafting Sizes - ISO 216 C
ISO C Series
C0 917 x 1297 36.00 x 51.20
C1 648 x 917 25.60 x 36.00
C2 458 x 648 18.00 x 25.60
C3 324 x 458 12.80 x 18.00
C4 229 x 324 9.00 x 12.80
C5 162 x 229 6.40 x 9.0
C6 114 x 162  
C7 81 x 114  
C8 57 x 81

Commonly Used Formats

An A4 page will fit into a C4 envelope, A5 will fit into a C5 envelope and so on.

Other Commonly Used Formats

Paper Drafting - Commonly Used Formats
NameSize (mm)
Letter 215.9 x 279.4
Legal 215.9 x 355.6
Executive 190.5 x 254.0
C5E 163.0 x 229.0
Comm10 105.0 x 241.0
DLE 110.0 x 220.0
Folio 210.0 x 330.0
Ledger 432.0 x 279.0
Tabloid 279.0 x 432.0
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