Wind Energy

Available wind energy

Available wind resources as a function of yearly average wind velocity and different typical terrains are indicated in the diagram below.

wind resources - yearly average wind velocity and terrain - diagram

The resources refer to the power present in the wind at level 50 m. Be aware that wind turbine efficiency is typical 20-30%.

Example - Available Wind Resource

The available wind power resource at a sheltered location with average wind velocity 5 m/s is approximately 140 W/m2 from the diagram above. The available energy output per square meter from a wind turbine with efficiency 25% and a operation time 8000 hour a year can be calculated like

(140 W/m2) (25% / 100%) (8000 h/year)

        = 280000 (Wh/m2year)

        = 280 (kWh/m2year)

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