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Thermal Expansion - Superficial i.e. Area

Superficial i.e area temperature expansion - online calculator

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The amount by which unit area of a material increases when the temperature is raised by one degree is called the coefficient of superficial (i.e. area) expansion. Superficial thermal expansion can be expressed as

dA = A0 γ (t1 - t0)                                 (1)


dA = change in area (m2)

A0 = initial area (m2)

γ = superficial expansion coefficient (m2/m2K)

t0 = initial temperature (oC)

t1 = final temperature (oC)

Online Superficial Thermal Expansion Calculator

A0 - initial area (m2)

γ - superficial expansion coefficient (m2/m2K)

t0 - initial temperature (oC)

t1 - final temperature (oC)

Change in area (dA): (m2)

Final Area (A1): (m2)

In general the superficial temperature coefficients can be approximated to

 γ  ~= 2 α


α =  linear temperature expansion coefficient (m/m K, m/m oC)

Linear Temperature Coefficients - α - of some common metals

  • aluminum : 0.000023 (m/m oC)
  • steel: 0.000016 (m/m oC)
  • copper: 0.000017 (m/m oC)


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