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Sandpapers - Grit Sizes

Grit sizes ranging 12 - 600.

sandpaper grit sizes

Sandpapers - Grit Sizes
Grit SizesDescriptionType of Work
12 Extra coarse very rough work,
high speed,
heavy machines,
unplanned woods, wood floors,
rough cut, very fast removal of material
16 Extra coarse
20 Extra coarse
24 Extra coarse
30 Extra Coarse
36 Extra Coarse
40 Coarse rough wood work, rapid removal of material
50 Coarse
60 Medium
80 Medium general wood work,
plaster patches,
1st smooth of old paint
100 Fine
120 Fine
150 Very Fine hardwood preparation,
final preparation of softwood,
final preparation old paint
180 Very Fine
220 Very fine final sanding,
sanding between coats,
sand marks not shown,
dry sanding
240 Very fine
280 Very fine
320 Very fine polish of final coats or top coats,
sanding between coats,
wet sanding
360 Very fine
400 Extra fine
500 Extra fine sanding metal,
sanding plastics,
sanding ceramics,
wet sanding
600 Extra fine
800 Super fine Final sanding
1000 Super fine
1200 Super fine
1500 Ultra fine Final sanding and polishing
2000 Ultra fine
2500 Ultra fine

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