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Refrigerants - Color Codes

Common refrigerants and their color codes.

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refrigerant color codes

Refrigerant color codes:

Refrigerants - Color Codes
RefrigerantChemical NameColor Code
R-11 Trichlorfluoromethane Orange
R-12 Dichlorodifluoromethane White
R-13 Chlorotrifluoromethane Light Blue
R-113 Trichlorotrifluoroethane Dark Purple
R-114 Dichlorotetrafluoroethane Navy Blue
R-12/114 Dichlorodifluoromethane, Dichlorotetrafluoroethane Light Gray
R-13B1 Bromotrifluoromethane Pinkish-Red
R-22 Chlorodifluoromethane Light Green
R-23 Trifluoromethane Light Blue Gray
R-123 Dichlorotrifluoroethane Light Blue Gray
R-124 Chlorotetrafluoroethane DOT Green
R-134a Tetrafluoroethane Light Blue
R-401A Chlorodifluoromethane, Difluoroethane, Chlorotetrafluoroethane Pinkish-Red
R-401B Chlorodifluoromethane, Difluoroethane, Chlorotetrafluoroethane Yellow-Brown
R-402A Chlorodifluoromethane, Pentafluoroethane, Propane Light-Brown
R-402B Chlorodifluoromethane, Pentafluoroethane, Propane Green-Brown
R-403B Chlorodifluoromethane, Octafluoropropane, Propane Light Gray
R-404A Pentafluoroethane, Trifluoroethane, Tetrafluoroethane Orange
R-407C Difluoromethane, Pentafluoroethane, Tetrafluoroethane Brown
R-408A Chlorodifluoromethane, Trifluoroethane, Pentafluoroethane Medium Purple
R-409A Chlorodifluoromethane, Chlorotetrafluoroethane, Chlorodifluoroethane Medium Brown
R-410A Difluoromethane, Pentafluoroethane Rose
R-414B Chlorodifluoromethane, Chlorotetrafluoroethane, Chlorodifluoroethane, Isobutane Medium Blue
R-416A Tetrafluorethane, Chlorotetrafluoroethane, Butane Yellow-Green
R-417A Pentafluoroethane, Tetrafluoroethane, Isobutane Green
R-500 Dichlorotrifluoromethane, Difluoroethane Yellow
R-502 Chlorodifluoromethane, Chloropentafluoroethane Light Purple
R-503 Chlorotrifluoromethane, Trifluoromethane Blue-Green
R-507 Pentafluoroethane, Trifluoroethane Aqua Blue
R-508B Trifluoromethane, Hexafluoroethane Dark Blue
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