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Fluids - Identity Colors

Identifying colors used for fluids in piping systems

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Identifying colors used for fluids transported in piping systems according ANSI A13.1:

FluidColor Code
Acetic Acid Yellow
Acetone Yellow
Acetylene Gas Yellow
Acid Yellow
Air Green
Alcohol Yellow
Alum Green
Ammonium Nitrate Yellow
Amyl Acetate Yellow
Antidote Gas Blue
Argon Green
Benzol Yellow
Bisulphite Liquor Yellow
Blau Gas Yellow
Bleach Liquor Yellow
Blow-off Water Yellow
Boiler Feed Water Yellow
Brine Green
Burner Gas Yellow
Butane  Yellow
Butyl Alcohol Yellow
Calcium Chloride Blue
Carbon Bisulphide Yellow
Carbon Dioxide Yellow
Carbon Monoxide Yellow
Carbonated Water Green
Caustic Soda Yellow
Chlorine Yellow
Chlorine Gas Yellow
Chloroform Yellow
Circulating Water Green
City Gas Yellow
City Water  Green
Coal Gas Yellow
Cold Water Green
Compressed Air Green
Condensate Yellow
Cooling Water Green
Cottonseed oil Yellow
Cutting Oil Green
Diesel Oil Yellow
Distilled Water Green
Drain Oil Yellow
Drain Water Green
Drinking Water Green
Dye Yellow
Ethan Dye Yellow
Exhaust Air Green
Exhaust Gas Yellow
Exhaust System Yellow
Filtered Water Blue
Fire Protection Water Red
Flue Gas Yellow
Foamite Red
Formalin Yellow
R-12 dichlorodifluoromethane Green
Fresh Water Green
Fuel Gas Yellow
Fuel oil Yellow
Gas Yellow
Gasoline Yellow
Glycerine Green
Heating Returns Yellow
Heating Steam Yellow
Helium Green
Hot Water Yellow
Hydrochloric Acid Yellow
Hydrogen Yellow
Hydrogen Peroxide Yellow
Hydrogen Sulphide Yellow
Industrial Water Green
Instrument Air Green
Kerosone Yellow
Lacquer Yellow
Lactic Acid Yellow
Linseed Oil Yellow
Lubricating Oil Yellow
Make-up Water Green
Mercury Yellow
Methyl Chloride Yellow
Mixed Acid Yellow
Mixed Gas Yellow
Monoethanolamine Green
Muriatic Acid Yellow
Naphtha Yellow
Natural Gas Yellow
Nitric Acid Yellow
Nitrogen Green
Nitrogen Oxide Yellow
Oil Yellow
Oil, lubricating Yellow
Oil, soluble Yellow
Oxygen Yellow
Paint Yellow
Peanut Oil Yellow
Phenol Yellow
Phenol Yellow
Process Gas Yellow
Producer Gas Yellow
Propane Gas Yellow
Raw Water Green
Refrigerated Water Green
River Water Green
Salt Water Green
Sanitary Sewer Green
Soda Ash Green
Solvent Yellow
Soybean Oil Yellow
Sprinkler Water Red
Steam Yellow
Storm Sewer Green
Sugar Juice Green
Sulhur Chloride Yellow
Sulphur Dioxide Yellow
Sulphuric Acid Yellow
Tar Yellow
Toluene Yellow
Toluol Yellow
Trichlorethylene Yellow
Turpentine Yellow
Vapor Yellow
Varnish Yellow
Vegetable Oil Yellow
Waste Water Green
Water Green
Water Gas Yellow
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