Products - Moisture Content

The content of moisture in products - wet and dry basis

The moisture content express the amount of water present in a moist sample. 

Moisture content can be expressed on wet and dry basis:

Moisture Content on Dry Basis

Moisture content on dry basis is the amount of water per unit mass of dry solids in the sample:

MCd = mh2o / md                                        (1)


MCd = moisture content on dry basis

mh2o = mass of water (kg, lb)

md = total mass of the dry solids in the sample (kg,lb)

Moisture Content on Wet Basis

Moisture content on wet basis is the amount of water per unit mass of moist - or wet - sample:

MCw = mh2o / m

    mh2omh2o + md                                   (2)


MCw = moisture content on wet basis

mh2o = mass of water (kg, lb)

mw = total mass of moist - or wet - sample (kg,lb)

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