Ducts and Air Flow Noise

Air flow generated noise in air ducts

The air flow through ducts generates noise. The noise generated depends on the air velocity and the duct size (cross sectional area). 

Generated noise can be calculated with the empirical equation

LN = 10 + 50 log (v) + 10 log (A)                                                       (1)


LN = sound power level (dB)

v = air velocity (m/s)

A = air duct cross sectional area (m2)

Example - Noise generated by Air Flow in Duct

The noise generated in a 200 mm circular duct with air flow velocity 10 m/s can be calculated as

 LN = 10 + 50 log (10 m/s) + 10 log (π ((0.2 m) / 2)2)

    = 45 db

The noise generated in the same 200 mm circular duct as above with air flow velocity 20 m/s can be calculated as

 LN = 10 + 50 log (20 m/s) + 10 log (π ((0.2 m) / 2)2)

    = 60 db

Note! - due to the noise generated by the fans - noise generated inside ducts by the air flow can in general be neglected.

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