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Velocity Units - Online Converter

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Online Velocity Units Calculator

The calculator below can be used to convert between common velocity and speed units:

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Velocity Units Converting Table

The table below can be used to convert between common velocity and speed units:

Velocity Units Converter
Convert from Multiply by
Convert to
m/s km/h ft/min ft/s yards/min mph knots
m/s 1 3.6 196.9 3.28 65.6 2.24 1.94
km/h 0.278 1 54.68 0.91 18.23 0.62 0.54
ft/min 5.08 10-3 1.83 10-2 1 1.67 10-2 0.33 1.14 10-2 9.87 10-3
ft/s 0.305 1.097 60 1 20 0.682 0.592
yards/min 1.52 10-2 5.49 10-2 3 0.05 1 3.41 10-2 2.96 10-2
mph 0.45 1.609 88 1.47 29.33 1 0.869
knots 0.51 1.85 101.3 1.69 33.76 1.15 1

Some other common Velocity Units

  • 1 metre per second = 6000 centimetre per minute
  • 1 metre per second = 100 centimetre per second
  • 1 metre per second = 11811 feet per hour
  • 1 metre per second = 2362.2 inches per minute
  • 1 metre per second = 39.37 inches per second
  • 1 metre per second = 1.942615 knots
  • 1 metre per second = 3600 metre per hour
  • 1 metre per second = 60 metre per minute
  • 1 metre per second = 0.0373 miles per minute
  • 1 metre per second = 0.00062 miles per second
  • 1 metre per second = 3937 yards per hour

mph to km/h Converter

Download and print mph to km/h Converter!


m/s to km/h Converter

Download and print m/s to km/h Converter!

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