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Prefixes for Binary Multiplies

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IEC International Standard names and symbols for prefixes for binary multiples for use in data processing and transmission.

Prefixes for Binary Multiplies
210 kibi Ki kilobinary: (210)1 kilo: (103)1
220 mebi Mi megabinary: (210)2 mega: (103)2
230 gibi Gi gigabinary: (210)3 giga: (103)3
240 tebi Ti terabinary: (210)4 tera: (103)4
250 pebi Pi petabinary: (210)5 peta: (103)5
260 exbi Ei exabinary: (210)6 exa: (103)6

Binary Multiples compared to SI Prefixes

Binary Multiples compared to SI Prefixes
MultipleSI Equivalent
one kilobit 1 Kibit = 210 bit = 1024 bit
one kilobit 1 kbit = 103 bit = 1000 bit
one mebibyte 1 MiB = 220 B = 1048576 B
one megabyte 1 MB = 106 B = 1000000 B
one gibibyte 1 GiB = 230 B = 1073741824 B
one gigabyte 1 GB = 109 B = 1000000000 B
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