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Fluid Flow Friction Loss - Hazen-Williams Coefficients

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Hazen-Williams coefficients are used in the Hazen-Williams equation calculate friction loss in ducts and pipes. Coefficients for some common materials used in ducts and pipes are indicated below:

Fluid Flow Friction Loss - Hazen-Williams Coefficients vs. Piping Material
MaterialHazen-Williams Coefficient
- c -
ABS - Acrylonite Butadiene Styrene 130
Aluminum 130 - 150
Asbestos Cement 140
Asphalt Lining 130 - 140
Brass 130 - 140
Brick sewer 90 - 100
Cast-Iron - new unlined (CIP) 130
Cast-Iron 10 years old 107 - 113
Cast-Iron 20 years old 89 - 100
Cast-Iron 30 years old 75 - 90
Cast-Iron 40 years old 64-83
Cast-Iron, asphalt coated 100
Cast-Iron, cement lined 140
Cast-Iron, bituminous lined 140
Cast-Iron, sea-coated 120
Cast-Iron, wrought plain 100
Cement lining 130 - 140
Concrete 100 - 140
Concrete lined, steel forms 140
Concrete lined, wooden forms 120
Concrete, old 100 - 110
Copper 130 - 140
Corrugated Metal 60
Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) 140
Ductile Iron, cement lined 120
Fiber 140
Fiber Glass Pipe - FRP 150
Galvanized iron 120
Glass 130
Lead 130 - 140
Metal Pipes - Very to extremely smooth 130 - 140
Plastic 130 - 150
Polyethylene, PE, PEH 140
Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, CPVC 150
Smooth Pipes 140
Steel new unlined 140 - 150
Steel, corrugated 60
Steel, welded and seamless 100
Steel, interior riveted, no projecting rivets 110
Steel, projecting girth and horizontal rivets 100
Steel, vitrified, spiral-riveted 90 - 110
Steel, welded and seamless 100
Tin 130
Vitrified Clay 110
Wrought iron, plain 100
Wooden or Masonry Pipe - Smooth 120
Wood Stave 110 - 120
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