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Chinese Valve Standards

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Chinese Valve Standards
Standard Code Num.Standard Name
GB12220 General valve - marking
GB12221 Flanged ends metal valve - face-to-face dimensions
GB12222 Multi-turn valve - connection of driving device
GB12223 Part-turn valve - connection of driving device
GB12224 Steel valve - general requirements
GB12225 General valve - copper alloy casting ware technology requirements
GB12226 General valve - gray casting iron technology requirements
GB12227 General valve - ductile casting iron technology requirements
GB12228 General valve - carbon forging steel technology requirements
GB12229 General valve - carbon casting steel technology requirements
GB12230 General valve - a casting steel technology requirements
GB12232 General valve - flanged ends iron gate valve
GB12233 General valve - iron gate valve and lift check valve
GB12234 General valve - flanged and butt-welding ends copper gate valve
GB12235 General valve - flanged steel stop and lift check valve
GB12236 General valve - steel swing check valve
GB12237 General valve - flanged and butt-welding ends steel ball valve
GB12238 General valve - flanged and wafer ends butterfly valve
GB12239 General valve - diaphragm valve
GB12240 General valve - iron plug valve
GB12241 Safety valve - general requirements
GB12242 Safety valve - characteristic testing solution
GB12243 Direct spring loaded safety valve
GB12244 Pressure reducing valve - general requirements
GB12245 Pressure reducing valve - characteristic testing solution
GB12246 Pilot operated pressure reducing valve
GB12247 Steam trap valve - classification
GB12248 Steam trap valve - technology terms
GB12249 Steam trap valve - marking
GB12250 Steam trap valve - face-to-face dimensions
GB12251 Steam trap valve - testing solution
GB/T13927 General valve - pressure testing
GB/T13932 General valve - iron swing check valve
GB/T15185 Iron and copper ball valve
GB/T15188.1 Valve face-to-face dimensions - butt-welding ends valve
GB/T15188.2 Valve face-to-face dimensions - wafer ends valve
GB/T15188.3 Valve face-to-face dimensions - female screw-down valve
GB/T15188.4 Valve face-to-face dimensions - male screw -down valve
JB93 Handle
JB94 Spanner
JB106 Valve - marking and identifying paint
JB308 Valve - type establishing way
JB/T450 PN16.032.0Mpa forging angle type high-pressure valve, fastener and technology requirements
JB451 Lever type safety valve technology requirements
JB1308 Pg(2500kgf/cm2)valve type and base specification
JB1309 Pg(2500kgf/cm2)valve pipe and fastener technology requirements
JB/T1691 Valve key construction element dimension of stem head
JB1692 Umbrella type hand wheel
JB1693 Plane hand wheel
JB1694 Valve stem nut (1)
JB1695 Valve stem nut (2)
JB1696 Valve stem nut (3)
JB1698 Valve stem nut (5)
JB1699 Valve stem nut (4)
JB1700.1 Locking nut (1)
JB1700.2 Locking nut (2)
JB1701 Valve stem nut (6)
JB1702.1 Bearing gland (1)
JB1702.2 Bearing gland (2)
JB1703 Sleeve liner
JB1706 Pressing sleeve nut
JB1708 Gland
JB1709 T type bolt
JB1712 Asbestos packing
JB1713 Packing seat(1)
JB1716 Packing seat(2)
JB/T1717 Valve construction key element back seat ring dimensions
JB1718 Spacer (1)
JB1719 Spacer (2)
JB1720 Spacer (3)
JB1721 Spacer (4)
JB1726 Valve disc seat
JB1727 Folio circle
JB1728 Stop collar
JB/T1732 Valve construction key element taper sealing face dimensions
JB/T1733 Valve construction key element valve body copper sealing face dimensions
JB/T1734 Valve construction key element wedge disc and valve disc copper sealing face dimensions
JB1735 Foot valve disc sealing ring
JB1736 Swing check valve disc sealing ring
JB1737 Swing check valve disc sealing ring pressing board
JB/T1738 Valve construction key element dimensions of wedge gate valve body slide way and slide way groove
JB/T1739 Valve construction key element dimensions of wedge gate valve body sealing plane clearance and wedge angle
JB/T1740 Valve construction key element dimensions of wedge disc sealing plane
JB1741 Thimble
JB1742 Adjusting ring
JB1747 Packing ring
JB1749 Ammonia valve disc
JB/T1750 Valve construction key element ammonia valve body sealing plane dimensions
JB/T1751-92 Valve construction key element socket welding and fitting pipe head dimension
JB/T1752-92 Valve construction key element male screw ends head dimensions
JB1753-91 Joint ring
JB1754-91 Joint
JB1755-91 Joint nut
JB/T1756-92 Valve construction key element dimensions of bayonet joint ends
JB1757-91 Bayonet
JB1758-91 Bayonet nut
JB1759-91 Bearing ring
JB1760- 91 Six-angle bolt
JB1761-91 Bolt ring
JB/T1762-92 Valve construction key element spanner dimensions
JB2202-77 Direct spring loaded safety valve specification
JB2203-77 Direct spring loaded safety valve face-to-face dimensions
JB2205-77 Reducing valve face-to-face dimensions
JB2206-77 Reducing valve technology requirements
JB2311-78 Ball valve technology requirements
JB2765-81 Valve technology terms
JB2766-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa dimensions of forging high-pressure valve
JB/T2768-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa Pipe, piping fitting, valve head dimensions
JB/T2769-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa screw flange
JB/T2770-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa joint nut
JB/T2771-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa joint
JB/T2772-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa Blind plate
JB/T2773-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa double head bolt
JB/T2774-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa double bolt ends and thread hole dimensions
JB/T2775-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa nut
JB/T2776-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa lens ring
JB/T2777-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa Non-hole lens ring
JB/T2778-92 PN16.0- 32.0Mpa temperature marking of pipe and fastener
JB3328-83 Air jar valve and pipe-line valve
JB3339-83 Little type medical air jar frame type valve connection dimensions
JB5206.1-91 Packing gland (1)
JB5206.2-91 Packing gland (2)
JB5206.3-91 Packing gland (3)
JB5207-91 Packing pressing plate
JB5208-91 Separating circle
JB5209-91 Plastics packing
JB5210-91 Back sealing ring
JB5211-91 Gate valve seat ring
JB/T5296-91 General valve testing way of flow rate coefficient and flow resistant coefficient
JB/T5298-91 Steel plate gate valve for pipe line using
JB/T5299-91 General valve Hydraulic actuator butterfly type check valve
JB/T5300-91 General valve material
JB/T6438-92 Valve sealing face plasma arc welding - technology requirements
JB/T6439-92 Valve pressing casting steel ware - magnetism powder flaw detector inspection
JB/T6440-92 Valve pressing casting steel ware - rax irradiating inspection
JB/T6441-92 Safety valve for compressor purpose
JB/T6495-92 Valve construction key element Gate valve (or disc) T type groove dimensions
JB/T6496-92 Valve construction key element packing dimensions
JB/T6497-92 Valve construction key element stem head dimensions
JB/T6498-92 Valve construction key element disc and stem connection groove dimensions
JB/T6899-93 Valve fire-proof test
JB/T6900-93 Draught valve
JB/T6901-93 Seal type glasses valve
JB/T6902-93 Valve casting steel ware hydraulic penetrating inspection way
JB/T6903-93 Valve forging steel ware super wave inspection way
JB/T6904-93 Inspection and testing of air jar valve
JB/T7248-94 Technology terms of low temperature casting steel for valve purpose
JB/T7744-95 Valve sealing face alloy powder for plasma arc welding
JB/T7745-95 Pipe line ball valve
JB/T7746-95 Diameter-shrinking forging steel valve
JB/T7747-95 Needle type stop valve
JB/T7748-95 Valve clearance degree and inspection way
JB/T7749-95 Technology terms of sub-zero valve
JB/T7927-95 Valve casting steel ware out-form quality requirements
JB/T7928-95 General valve offer requirements
JB/Z243-85 Gate valve static pressure length of life test rules
JB/Z244-85 Stop valve static pressure length of life test rules
JB/Z245-85 Plug valve static pressure length of life test rules
JB/Z246-85 Ball valve static pressure length of life test rules
JB/Z247-85 Valve - electrically device length of life test rules
JB/Z248-85 Butterfly valve static pressure length of life test rules
ZBJ16002-87 Valve electrically driving apparatus technology terms
ZBJ16004-88 Reducing valve type and basing coefficient
ZBJ16006-90 Inspection and testing of valve
ZBJ16007-90 Steam trap valve technology terms
ZBJ16008-90 Hydraulic petroleum gas device urgent shut down valve - technology terms
ZBJ16009-90 Valve pneumatic actuator technology terms
JB/T8473-96 Instrument valve series
JB/T8528-97 General valve electric actuator - technology terms
JB/T8527-97 Metal sealing butterfly valve
JB/T8529-97 Explosion-proof type valve electric actuator - technology terms
JB/T8530-97 Valve electric actuator - type establishing way
JB/T8531-97 Valve manual actuator - technology terms
JB/T8670-97 YBDF2 series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous generator for valve electric actuator purpose - technology terms
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