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British Standard Cycle Threads

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British Standard Cycle is a British Imperial screw thread standard made for bicycle and motorcycle applications.

British Standard Cycle Threads

Outside Diameter


1/4 26 0.0385 0.250 0.209
5/16 26 0.0385 0.3125 0.272
3/8 26 0.0385 0.3750 0.334
7/16 26 0.0385 0.4375 0.397
1/2 26 0.0385 0.5000 0.459
9/16 26 0.0385 0.5625 0.522
5/8 26 0.0385 0.6250 0.584
11/16 26 0.0385 0.6875 0.647
3/4 26 0.0385 0.7500 0.709
1 26 0.0385 1 0.959
1 3/8 24 0.0417 1.625 1.326
  • TPI = threads per inch
  • the thread angle is 60 degrees

The fine pitch allows high torque settings and is resistant to vibrations.

Note that the most commonly used bottom bracket thread today is 1 3/8" x 24 TPI.

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