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Adiabatic Flame Temperatures

Adiabatic flame temperature hydrogen, methane, propane and octane - in Kelvin

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A combustion process without heat loss or gain is called adiabatic.

Adiabatic flame temperatures for hydrogen, methane, propane and octane - and others - with oxygen or air as oxidizers in a constant pressure adiabatic reaction:

FuelAdiabatic Flame Temperature
as Oxidizer
as Oxidizer
Acetaldehyde 2228
Acetone 2253
Acetylene - C2H2  4)
Benzene - C6H6  3) 2363
n-Butane - C4H10  1) 2248
iso-Butane - C4H10  1) 2246
Butylene - C4H8  2) 2494
Carbin disulfide 2257
Cyanogen 4855 2596
Cyclohexane 2250
Cyclopropane 2370
Decane 2286
Ethane - C2H6  1) 2222
Ethanol 2238
Ethylene - C2H4  2) 2375
Hexane 2238
Hydrogen - H2 3473 2483
Methane - CH4  1) 2236
Methanol 2222
Neopentane - C5H12  1) 2511
n-Hexane - C10H8  1) 2494
Naphthalene - C6H14  4) 2533
Neohexane - C6H14  1) 2508
n-Heptane - C7H16  1) 2469
Oxirane 2177
n-Pentane -C5H12 1) 2505
iso-Pentane - C5H12 1) 2508
n-Pentene - C5H10  2) 2569
Propane - C3H8  1) 2526 2250
Propylene- C3H6  2) 2528
Toluene - C7H8  3) 2344
Triptane - C7H16  1) 2497
p-Xylene - C8H10  3) 2483

1) Paraffins or alkanes
2) Olefins or alkenes
3) Aromatics
4) Other hydrocarbons

  • reactants enter the combustion process at 25oC (77oF) and 1 atm pressure
  • products leaves the process at 1 atm pressure
  • combustion is stoichiometric without any excess air

Excess air will reduce the adiabatic flame temperature and is often introduced to avoid flame temperatures exceeding limits sets by the materials in the combustion system.

Methane is the major part in Natural gas. 

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