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Latitude and Acceleration of Gravity

Acceleration of gravity varies with latitude

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Acceleration of gravity at sea level related to north-south position on earth (degrees latitude):

Acceleration of Gravity - ag - (ft/s2)

Latitude - acceleration of gravity - feet per second second

Acceleration of Gravity - ag - m/s2

Latitude and acceleration of gravity - meter per second second

Example - Time for Falling Object to Hit the Ground on the Pole or on the Equator

The distance traveled after some time by a free falling object can be expressed as:

s = 1/2 ag t2     


s = distance (m, ft)

ag = acceleration of gravity (m/s2, ft/s2

t = time (s)

The acceleration of gravity is stronger at the poles than at equator and the equation above can be modified to

t = (2 s / ag)1/2    

The time for an object at level 1 m to hit the ground on the pole can be calculated as:

t = (2 (1 m) / (9.832 m/s2))1/2      

  = 0.4510 s

The time for an object at level 1 m to hit the ground on the equator can be calculated as:

t = (2 (1 m) / (9.78 m/s2))1/2      

           = 0.4522 s

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