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JIS - Flanges, Bolts, Nuts, and Gaskets Standards

Japanese industrial flanges, bolts, nuts, and gaskets standards and specifications from JAS - the Japanese Standards Association.

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Industrial flanges, bolts, nuts, and gaskets standards and specifications from the Japanese Standards Association - JAS: ordered by divisions:

B. Mechanical Engineering

  • JIS B 1189:1999
    Hexagon flange bolt
  • JIS B 1190:1999
    Hexagon nuts with flange
  • JIS B 1451:1991
    Rigid flanged shaft couplings
  • JIS B 1452:1991
    Flexible flanged shaft couplings
  • JIS B 2205:1991
    Basis for calculation of pipe flanges
  • JIS B 2206:1995
    Basis for calculation of aluminum alloy pipe flanges
  • JIS B 2207:1995
    Basis for calculation of aluminum alloy pipe flanges with full face gasket
  • JIS B 2220:2004
    Steel pipe flanges
  • JIS B 2239:2004
    Cast iron pipe flanges
  • JIS B 2240:1996
    General rules for copper alloy pipe flanges
  • JIS B 2241:1986
    Basic dimensions of aluminum alloy pipe flanges
  • JIS B 2290:1998
    Vacuum technology -- Flange dimensions
  • JIS B 2291:1994
    21 MPa slip-on welding pipe flanges for hydraulic use
  • JIS B 2292-1/2/3:2000
    Hydraulic fluid power -- Positive displacement pumps and motors -- Dimensions and identification code for mounting flanges and shaft ends --
    Part 1: Inch series shown in metric units
    Part 2: Two-and four-hole flanges and shaft ends -- Metric series
    Part 3: Polygonal flanges (including circular flanges)
  • JIS B 2404:1999
    Dimensions of gaskets for use with pipe flanges
  • JIS B 8436:1996
    Manipulating industrial robots -- Mechanical flanges interfaces -- Part 1: Plates (form A)
  • JIS B 8602:2002
    Pipe flanges for refrigerants

D. Automotive Engineering

  • JIS D 3631:1998
    Road vehicles -- Shapes and dimensions of fuel injection nozzle holders for diesel engines -- Size "S"
  • JIS D 3701:1987
    Dimensions of carburetor flanges for automobiles

F. Shipbuilding

  • JIS F 7381:1996
    Shipbuilding -- Bronze 5K flanged cocks
  • JIS F 7804:2000
    Shipbuilding -- 5K copper alloy pipe flanges for marine use
  • JIS F 7805:1976
    Basic dimensions of steel flanges for marine exhaust gas pipe
  • JIS F 7806:1996
    Shipbuilding -- Ships' 280K and 350K socket welding pipe flanges
  • JIS F 0602:1995
    Shipbuilding -- Non-asbestos gaskets to cargo piping system -- Application standard
  • JIS F 7102:1997
    Shipbuilding -- Piping system in machinery space -- Application for gaskets and packings

G. Ferrous Materials and Metallurgy

  • JIS G 3223:1988
    High tensile strength steel forgings for tower flanges

Z. Miscellaneous, Packaging, Welding, Radioactivity, etc.

  • JIS Z 1604:1995
    Plugs and flanges for steel drums
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