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Human Effort Levels - Energy and Heart Rates

Human work effort levels vs. energy expenditure and associated heart rates.

Human work effort levels and the associated heart rates and energy expenditures:

Human Effort Levels - Energy and Heart Rates
Effort LevelTypical TasksHeart Rate Elevation
(beats per minute)
Body Energy Expenditure
Work Duration Restriction
Light riding bicycle at 10 km/h, canning paint, raking leaves, making drawings, machining light objects, sewing by hand 0 - 35 70 - 175 none
Moderate building brick wall, cleaning boiler, planing softwood, sheet-metal working, soldering, using screwdrivers, walking on level 35 - 55 175 - 260 > 2
Heavy digging trenches, using sledge-hammer, stoking furnace, metal grinding, walking up 5% gradient 55 - 75 260 - 420 < 1 to 2
Very Heavy shoveling sand, using jackhammer, stacking concrete blocks, stone masonry, climbing normal stairs 75 - 90 420 - 700 < 1 to 2
Extremely Heavy sawing wood, climbing vertical ladder > 90 > 700 < 0.25 to 0.3
  •  1 W (watts) = 3.412 Btu/h

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