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Vinyl Ester - Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance of Vinyl Ester to products as Acetone, Alcohol, Diesel oil and more.

Vinyl Ester - or Vinylester - is a resin produced by the esterification of epoxy resin with unsaturated monocarboxylic acid.

Vinyl esters have enhanced mechanical properties compared to polyesters with physical strength better impact and thermal shock resistance.

Standard epoxy vinyl ester resins are limited to 220 - 250 oF (104 - 121 oC) in most applications. High-density cross-linked products are suitable for temperatures above 250 oF (121 oC).

Vinyl ester resins offer in general excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, hypochlorites, and many solvents.

Vinyl Ester - Chemical Resistance
Chemical ProductResistance
Acetic Acid 0-25% (vinegar) R R
Acetic Acid 25-50% R R
Acetone R NR
Acrylic Acid - 25% R NR
Adipic acid R R
Air R R
Alcohol - Butyl R NR
Alcohol - Ethyl 10% R max 150
Alcohol - Ethyl 100% R NR
Alcohol - Isopropyl 10% R max 150
Alcohol - Isopropyl 100% R NR
Alcohol - Methyl 10% R max 150
Alcohol - Methyl Isobutyl R max 150
Alcohol - Secondary Butyl R max 150
Alum (Aluminum Sulfate) R R
Aluminum Chloride R R
Aluminum Fluoride R NR
Aluminum Hydroxide 5% R max 120
Aluminum Nitrate R R
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate R R
Aluminum Sulfate R R
Allyl chloride R NR
Ammonia - Aqueous 0-10% R max 100
Ammonia - Gas R max 100
Ammonium Bicarbonate R max 120
Ammonium Bisulfate R max 120
Ammonium Carbonate 10% R max 120
Ammonium Chloride R R
Ammonium Citrate R max 120
Ammonium Fluoride R max 120
Ammonium Hydroxide 5% R max 120
Ammonium Hydroxide 10% R max 120
Ammonium Hydroxide 20% R max 120
Ammonium Nitrate R R
Ammonium Persulfate R max 120
Ammonium Phosphate R max 120
Ammonium Sulfate R R
Amyl Chloride R max 120
Aniline R max 120
Antimony Chloride R R
Arsenious Acid R R
Barium Acetate R R
Barium Carbonate R R
Barium Chloride R R
Barium Hydroxide R max 120
Barium Sulfate R R
Barium Sulfide R R
Beer R R
Benzene R NR
Benzene sulfonic acid R R
Benzoic Acid R R
O-Benzoyl Benzoic Acid R R
Benzyl Alcohol R NR
Black and White Pulp Liqueur R R
Bromine water R NR
Borax R R
Boric acid R R
Butadiene gas R NR
Butane gas R NR
Butyl cellosolve R NR
Butylene Glycol R R
Butyric Acid 0-50% R R
Cadmium Chloride R R
Calcium Bisulfate R R
Calcium Carbonate R R
Calcium Chlorate R R
Calcium Chloride R R
Calcium Hydroxide R max 120
Calcium Hypochlorite R max 120
Calcium Nitrate R R
Calcium Sulfate R R
Calcium Sulfite R R
Caprylic Acid R R
Carbon Dioxide R R
Carbon Monoxide R R
Carbon Tetrachloride R max 100
Carbonic Acid R R
Carbon Methyl Cellulose R max 120
Castor Oil R max 150
Citric Acid R
Chlorinated Wax R R
Chlorine Dioxide/Air R R
Chlorine Dioxide, Wet Gas R R
Chlorine - Dry Gas R R
Chlorine, Wet Gas R R
Chlorine Water R R
Chloroacetic Acid 0-50% R max 100
Chlorosulfonic Acid NR NR
Chromic Acid 20% R max 120
Chromic Fluoride R NR
Chromium Sulfate R R
Citric Acid R R
Coconut Oil R R
Copper Chloride R R
Copper Cyanide R R
Copper Fluoride R R
Copper Nitrate R R
Copper Plating Solution R
Copper Sulfate R R
Corn Oil R R
Corn Starch-Slurry R R
Corn Sugar R R
Cottonseed Oil R R
Crude Oil, Sour R R
Crude Oil, Sweet R R
Cyclohexane R max 120
Di-Ammonium Phosphate R R
Dibutyl Ether R max 120
Diesel Fuel R R
Diethylene Glycol R R
Dimenthyl Phthalate R R
Dioctyl Phthalate R R
Dipropylene Glycol R R
Dodecyl Alcohol R R
Esters, Fatty Acids R R
Ethylene Dichloride NR NR
Ethylene Glycol R R
Fatty Acids R R
Ferric Chloride R R
Ferric Nitrate R R
Ferric Sulfate R R
Ferrous Chloride R R
Ferrous Nitrate R R
Ferrous Sulfate R R
Fertilizer, 8-8-8 R R
Fertilizer, Urea Ammonium Nitrate R max 120
Flue Gas R R
Fluoboric Acid 10% R max 120
Fluorine gas R NR
Fluosilicic Acid 0-20% R R
Formaldehyde R max 150
Formic Acid 10% R R
R-12 dichlorodifluoromethane R NR
Fuel Oil R R
Gas, Natural R R
Gasoline, Auto R R
Gasoline Aviation R R
Gasoline, Ethyl R R
Gasoline, Sour R R
Glyconic, Acid R R
Glucose R R
Glycerine R R
Glycol Ethylene R R
Glycol - Propylene R R
Glycolic Acid 70% R R
Heptane R R
Hexane R R
Hexalene Glycol R R
Hexylene glycol alcohol R max 150
Hydraulic Fluid R R
Hydrobromic Acid 0-25% R R
Hydrochloric Acid 0-37% R R
Hydrocyanic Acid R R
Hydrofluoric Acid R max 150
Hydrogen Bromide, Wet Gas R R
Hydrogen Chloride, Dry Gas R R
Hydrogen Chloride, Wet Gas R R
Hydrogen Fluoride, Vapor R NR
Hydrogen Peroxide 35% R max 120
Hydrogen Sulfide Dry R R
Hydrogen Sulfide, Aqueous R R
Hydrosulfite Bleach R max 120
Hypochlorous Acid 0-10% R R
Isopropyl Amine R max 100
Isopropyl Palmitate R R
Jet Fuel R R
Kerosene R R
Lactic Acid R R
Lauric acid R R
Lead Acetate R R
Lead Chloride R R
Lead Nitrate R R
Levulinic acod R R
Linseed Oil R R
Lithium Bromide R R
Lithium Sulfate R R
Magnesium Bisulfite R R
Magnesium Carbonate R R
Magnesium Chloride R R
Magnesium Hydroxide R max 140
Magnesium Nitrate R R
Magnesium Sulfate R R
Maleic Acid R R
Mercuric Chloride R R
Mercurous Chloride R R
Mercury R R
Methanol R R
Methyl Ethyl Ketone NR NR
Mineral Oils R R
Molybdenum Disulfide R R
Molybdenum Disulfide R R
Motor Oil R R
Naphtha R R
Naphthalene R R
Nickel Chloride R R
Nickel Nitrate R R
Nickel Sulfate R R
Nitric Acid 0-5% R R
Nitric Acid 20% R max 120
Nitric Acid Fumes NR NR
Octanoic Acid R R
Oil, Sour Crude R R
Oil, Sweet Crude R R
Oleic Acid R R
Olive Oil R R
Oxalic Acid R R
Phenol NR NR
Perchloric acid R max 150
Phosphoric Acid - 85% R R
Phosphoric Acid Fumes R R
Phosphorous Pentoxide R R
Phthalic Acid R R
Pickling Acids R R
Picric Acid, Alcoholic R max 100
Polyvinyl Acetate Latex R R
Polyvinyl Alcohol R max 100
Polyvinyl Chloride Latex R max 120
Potassium Aluminum Sulfate R R
Potassium Bicarbonate R max 140
Potassium Bromide R max 100
Potassium Carbonate R max 140
Potassium Chloride R R
Potassium Dichromate R max 140
Potassium Ferro cyanide R R
Potassium Hydroxide R max 150
Potassium Hydroxide R max 150
Potassium Nitrate R R
Potassium Permanganate R max 140
Potassium Persulfate R R
Potassium Sulfate R R
Propane R R
Propionic Acid 1-50% R max 120
Propionic Acid 50-100% NR NR
Pulp Paper Mill Effluent R R
Pyridine NR NR
Sebacic Acid R R
Selenious Acid R R
Silicic Acid R R
Silver Nitrate R R
Soaps R R
Sodium Acetate R R
Sodium Benzoate R R
Sodium Bicarbonate R R
Sodium Bifluoride R max 120
Sodium Bisulfate R R
Sodium Bisulfite R R
Sodium Bromate R max 140
Sodium Bromide R R
Sodium Carbonate 0-25% R R
Sodium Chlorate R R
Sodium Chloride R R
Sodium Chlorite 25% R R
Sodium Chromate R R
Sodium Cyanide R R
Sodium Dichromate R R
Sodium Di-Phosphate R R
Sodium Ferrocyanide R R
Sodium Fluoride R max 120
Sodium Fluoro Silicate R max 120
Sodium Hexametaphosphates R max 100
Sodium Hydroxide 0-5% R max 150
Sodium Hydroxide 5-25% R max 150
Sodium Hydroxide 50% R max 150
Sodium Hydrosulfide R R
Sodium Hypochlorite R max 150
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate R R
Sodium Mono-Phosphate R R
Sodium Nitrate R R
Sodium Peroxide R
Sodium Phospate R R
Sodium Silicate R R
Sodium Sulfate R R
Sodium Sulfide R R
Sodium Sulfite R R
Sodium Tetraborate R R
Sodium Thiocyanate R R
Sodium Thiosulfate R R
Sodium Tripolyphosphate R R
Sodium Xylene Sulfonate R R
Sodium Solutions R R
Sodium Crude Oil R R
Soya Oil R R
Stannic Chloride R R
Stannous Chloride R R
Stearic Acid R R
Sugar, Beet and Cane Liquor R R
Sugar, Sucrose R R
Sulfamic Acid R R
Sulfanilic Acid R R
Sulfated Detergents R R
Sulfite Liquor R R
Sulfur Dioxide, Dry or Wet R R
Sulfur, Trioxide/Air R R
Sulfuric Acid 0-30% R R
Sulfuric Acid 30-50% R R
Sulfuric Acid 30-50% R R
Sulfuric Acid 50-70% R max 120
Sulfurous Acid 10% R max 100
Superphosphoric Acid R R
Tall Oil R max 150
Tannic Acid R max 120
Tartaric Acid R R
Toluene R NR
Toluene Sulfonic Acid R R
Trichloro Acetic Acid 50% R R
Tricresyl Phosphate R max 120
Triethanolamine R max 120
Tridecylbenzene Sulfonate R R
Trisodium Phosphate R R
Tung oil R max 100
Turpentine R max 100
Urea R max 140
Vegetable Oils R R
Vinegar R R
Vinyl acetat R R
Water - Deionized R R
Water - Demineralized R R
Water - Distilled R R
Water - Fresh R R
Water - Salt R R
Water - Sea R R
White Liquor - Pulp Mill R R
Xylene R NR
Zinc Chloride R R
Zinc Nitrate R R
Zinc Sulfate R R
  • R - Resistant
  • NR - Not Resistant

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